WorkOut Definitions and Formulas

Definitions and Formulas
Useful Formulas to Measure Health and Fitness
BMI The Body Mass Index estimates human body fat based on the individual’s weight and height.
with BMI = 703*w/h2
where w = weight (in pounds)
h = height (in inches)
At Rest BMR The Basal Metabolic Rate is the minimal amount of energy expended while at rest.
with BMR (Men) = 6.23w + 12.7h – 6.76a + 66
BMR (Women) = 4.338w + 4.698h – 4.68a + 655
where w = weight (in pounds)
h = height (in inches)
a = age (in years)
Calories Burned  Calories Burned measures the amount of calories burned during an exercise. In order to lose 1 kg of body fat (3500 kCal) per week you must expend 500 cal/day.
with Calories Burned = (METS)(w)(t)/125.7143
where METS = metabolic equivalents of the exercise
w = weight (in pounds)
t = time (in minutes)
Active BMR The Active BMR adjusts the BMR value based on the amount of daily activity.
with Active BMR = Activity Factor x BMR
where Activity Factor = a multiplier based on the individual exercise activity
METS (Metabolic Equivalents) are multiples of the resting metabolic rate due to exercise, where 1 MET = 3.5 cal/kg of body weight.