Video: Was Holly Holm robbed or did Ketlen Vieira simply win a close fight?

The term “robbery” is thrown around a lot when it comes to controversial judging outcomes in MMA.

At UFC Fight Night 206, former bantamweight champion Holly Holm came up short by one judge’s scorecard, losing a split decision to Ketlen Vieira after 25 minutes of action. Holm’s immediate reaction to the decision was one of disgust and frustration, feeling she did more than enough to win the fight.

Naturally, the conversation on MMA judging began raging again as it often does when many do not agree with the judging outcome, especially when a fan-favorite fighter loses a close split. But in this case, was Holm “robbed” of a win or did Vieira simply win a close fight that could have gone either way?

Our panel of Brian “Goze” Garcia, Mike Bohn and Danny Segura discuss this topic along with host “Gorgeous” George Garcia.

“Spinning Back Clique” is released each Tuesday on MMA Junkie’s YouTube channel. You can watch the full episode in the video below.

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