Love him or hate him (and judging by our comments, it’s likely more of you fall into the latter category), Jake Paul has inserted himself into the MMA consciousness on the regular these days.

He’s called out some big names, and answered callouts from others. And he’s also taken aim at arguably the biggest decision-maker in the sport, UFC president Dana White.

Paul, not long after knocking out Ben Askren, said White and the UFC need to start upping the ante when it comes to pay so MMA fighters are more in line with what boxers make. Is there any chance that happens – thanks to Paul, of all people? The “Spinning Back Clique” panel of “Gorgeous” George Garcia, Brian “Goze” Garcia and Farah Hannoun broke it down with panel host John Morgan.

You can watch their discussion in the video above, or check out this week’s full episode below.

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