It’s been a rough past five months for Cory Anderson.

In a Facebook post on Monday, Anderson (13-5 MMA, 10-5 UFC), a UFC light heavyweight contender, revealed a handful of health issues he sustained as a result of passing out after his UFC on ESPN+ 25 loss to Jan Blachowicz in February. Anderson was knocked out in brutal fashion in Round 1.

“It’s been a long road back.. BUT never the less we are back!,” Anderson wrote. “… Feb 21st following my last fight I blacked out and collapsed smashing my face on a gravel road after scouting some land for (hours). Ended up in the ER for 5 days running numerous of test and blood work to figure out what happened.”

After blood work was complete, Anderson says he visited multiple doctors in order to get to the bottom of his unconscious episode. According to Anderson, one doctor even hinted his career may have been in jeopardy, attributing the incident to a heart issue.

“I’ve seen a long list of different doctors, all but one said it was do to major concussion and lack of water and food after hiking through the woods for hours,” Anderson wrote. “(One) doctor would tell me it was my heart … that my heart had stopped beating and it could happen again but next time in a fight!! Instantly my wife’s face change and my emotions as well. I become angry with doctors (because I) was scared internally.”

According to Anderson, he frequented NYU hospital to visit specialists and undergo tests. He underwent two “very painful outpatient heart procedures” in an attempt to build evidence. On July 20, Anderson wrote, he received clearance to return to fighting.

While Anderson did not list what the final diagnosis was, he alleged mistreatment by the New Mexico Athletic Commission, who sanctioned the event in Rio Rancho, and its medical staff.

“After my fight the commission/medics failed to do the proper after fight check up and I went back to living life as normal. And I paid a hefty price!!” Anderson wrote. “This world wind 5 months have put A LOT of things into perspective and as a veteran fighter who in the past has just fought with reckless abandoned with no care for rest and mental health long as I can keep fighting. I advise you other fighters to look after your health if you took some big shots to your head in a fight or practice, take the proper time to recover. It took me having my son sitting there looking at me in a hospital bed to realize there is real life after fighting and I want to be here to enjoy it. Fight smart, train smart, but recover and rest SMARTER!! Use your head while you still have the brains to do so.”

Anderson did not give a timetable for a potential MMA return.