Dustin Poirier left no doubt when he ran things back with Eddie Alvarez.

Poirier (25-6 MMA, 17-5 UFC) faced Alvarez in the main event of UFC on Fox 30 in 2018, a rematch from their UFC 211 fight which ended in a no contest when Alvarez struck Poirier with an illegal knee in the second round.

It didn’t take long for both fighters to meet in the middle of the octagon. Alvarez pressured from the outset, centering his attack around leg kicks and body shots. Poirier returned fire with a hard leg kick which caught Alvarez off balance and used his jab to pepper Alvarez in the face throughout the round.

In Round 2, the high pace continued, with Alvarez immediately shooting for a takedown which was easily stuffed by Poirier. Alvarez shot for another takedown, but Poirier jumped guard and locked in a tight guillotine that Alvarez was eventually able to escape.

Alvarez took the fight right back to the mat, taking Poirier’s back and working on a neck crank. After Poirier escaped, Alvarez proceeded to throw an illegal 12-6 downward elbow which cost him position on the ground, as the fight resumed in the center of the octagon.

Shortly after, Poirier tagged Alvarez with a knee, followed by a flurry which backed up him and had him in all sorts of trouble. Poirier poured it on until Alvarez stumbled to floor and the referee stopped the fight.

Poirier returns Saturday, when he faces Dan Hooker in the main event of UFC on ESPN 12.

Before he faces Hooker, relive Poirier’s finish over Alvarez in the video above.