Nick Diaz’s showmanship was on full display in just his second UFC fight.

Shortly after settling his trilogy with Jeremy Jackson in his promotional debut, 20-year-old Diaz (26-9 MMA, 7-6 UFC) faced Robbie Lawler at UFC 47, where he was able to show new wrinkles to his game.

A confident Diaz took the center of the cage, and immediately started taunting Lawler, tagging him with a big right that briefly dropped him. He continued to march his opponent down, but a game Lawler bit down on his mouthpiece and started firing back.

Two minutes in, Diaz threw the infamous “Stockton Slap,” which drew a smile from Lawler, but immediately followed it with a one-two combination that rocked him. An angry Lawler retaliated with various flurries throughout the round, landing a few solid shots on Diaz.

But in Round 2, Lawler would pay for his aggressiveness, when he was caught with beautiful counter right hook by Diaz, which dropped him and had him stumbling all over the octagon.

It was the fight where Diaz really showed that he’s more than just an elite grappler and serves as one of the better boxers in the sport, as well.

Check out Diaz’s incredible finish over Lawler in the video above.