UFC champ Kamaru Usman wants to be a marriage counselor – after he puts $250 million in the bank

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Although Kamaru Usman seemingly is in the prime of his career, the UFC welterweight champion already is thinking about what post-fighting life will look like.

Usman (16-1 MMA, 11-0 UFC) still has many goals left in the fight game. He wants to extend his title run and string of big fights as long as possible and reap the financial rewards of being at the top of the sport.

He has a magic number in mind in terms of wealth, though. It remains to be seen whether it’s too ambitious, but Usman said he knows what he needs to secure his family’s future.

“I’m shooting for $250 million,” Usman told UFC commentator Joe Rogan during a recent “JRE MMA Show” podcast appearance. “I’ll do other jobs and stuff, but I think $250 million is generational wealth. That’s something my kids’ kids will be able to live off.”

If Usman can hit his financial goals, he said he’s not just going to sit idly by and live off that money. Usman said his current idea is to continue working after he retires from fighting, but in a completely different field.

It’s off the beaten path, but Usman said he’d like to help resolve conflicts between spouses.

“I want to be a marriage counselor,” Usman said. “I think I’ve always been very good at being able to step back from situations of what’s going on and give advice. I do this with my friends.”

Usman said the idea may not stick, but he wants to use his knowledge and perspective in some sort of influential role. The idea is to help make a difference, and while his fighting career is what he does for personal gain, he said a time will come when he pays it forward.

“(I want to be) just a counselor of some sort,” Usman said. “When I leave this world, I want to leave it in a better situation than what it came in.”

First, though, Usman must focus on fighting. He likely has a date with top contender Jorge Masvidal (35-13 MMA, 12-6 UFC) in July, and “Gamebred” has had a lot to say about the fight already. Usman said he’s been listening to it all, and he intends on letting it all out in the octagon.

“I’m the type of guy to where anything you say can and will be used against you inside that octagon,” Usman said. “I’m the judge, the juror and the executioner in there. That’s how I approach it.”