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Which Contender Series prospect, with the assumption they win their fight, do you think will make the quickest impact in the UFC?

This a great question, Doug. Every Dana White’s Contender Series season has a different vibe. This season, the vibe is great matchmaking – something that I thought was lacking the past two seasons. There are a lot more toss-ups, which makes it harder for fighters to stick out of the crowd in a prediction sense.

If I had to throw out a few names:

  • Matt Dixon: A talented, undefeated welterweight who has largely been tied up with a regional scene contract finally gets a shot at the big show after his LFA debut.
  • Mana Martinez: Fans might not know his name yet, but Martinez is about as stylistically pleasing a fighter as is possible. He’s a flashy knockout artist who is still improving leaps and bounds in between every fight.
  • Impa Kasanganay: Kasnaganay is a legitimate anomaly. His pro career began in January 2019. His DWCS, Season 3 performance was one of the best of the season – yet he didn’t get a contract. Another strong performance and that should change.

Where will Sean O’Malley be in three to five years?

That’s a lot of time. Anything can happen. But if Sean O’Malley continues his improvement at his current clip, he could very well be a UFC champion.

I’ll admit it, I wasn’t buying the hype after O’Malley’s DWCS appearance in 2016. He had flash, style, charisma, and flair, but at the time I needed to see improvements.

Before long, however, he made the adjustments. Each and every fight since he’s showed new wrinkles in his game. He’s battled adversity inside and outside the cage like a champ. That’s huge.

There are all really promising signs, indicative of a fighter destined for greatness – championship greatness.

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