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mma-knight.lt the knight of plunge mma fighting club in lithuania. plunges riteris, mma riteris, plungė mma-knight.lt UFC WEBSITES

we are writing from lithuania. we are extreme fighting club “the knight of plunge”. our club was established on 1998 in plunge city. from the first days after establishing “”the knight of plunge take part in many kickboxing, muaythai, bushido, shooto and mma fighting tournaments in finland, latvia, russia, ukraine, germany, romania, poland, sweden, japan, and lithuania. club has trained many good fighters in light, medium and heavy weight categories. we have very strong fighters from 65 kg till 125 kg.from lithuania and russia. mostly all fighters are various international tournaments winners. mma-knight.lt plungės riteris. lithuanian mma team the knight of plunge.