With a comfy couch and access to Netflix nearby and a refrigerator within easy reach, staying in shape while on lockdown is a real challenge for most of us during the coronavirus pandemic.

But Sage Northcutt isn’t most of us.

“Super” Sage is still recovering from his injuries sustained last year in his ONE Championship debut, but the ever-optimistic Texan says he’ll be ready to return soon enough. But in the meantime, during this enforced period of home-bound isolation, Northcutt is making sure he keeps his body and his mind in shape ahead of his competitive return.

Speaking with MMA Junkie, the former UFC prospect revealed his activity list for successful lockdown life at home.

“You know what? Tons of push-ups, tons of sit-ups,” Northcutt said, before switching gears and producing an elaborate model he’d been working on.

“I built this just yesterday, actually,” he continued. “I like building things. I was in school to be an engineer. I built this whole entire thing. It’s kinda cool. It’s like a little catapult-looking thing.”

We didn’t get a full look at the contraption during the interview, so we hit up Sage on WhatsApp afterward, and he fired over a couple of pictures. After looking it up online, it turns out it’s a self-assembly marble run, and a pretty cool-looking one at that.

Sage is clearly making the most of his time at home as he stays in ridiculous shape while keeping his brain ticking over with puzzles and projects like this.

“Puzzles, push-ups, sit-ups, staying fit, eating clean, those kinds of things,” he said.

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