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Watch the full UFC 205 press conference | Alvarez vs. McGregor

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It has taken nearly nine years, two Pride title belts and a 22-5 record to bring Dan ?Hollywood? Henderson to get back into the UFC. Henderson has already become the only fighter in MMA history to simultaneously hold two title belts in different weight classes, and at UFC 75 will again look to write a new page in the record books by unifying title belts. If Henderson is able to beat Quinton ?Rampage? Jackson for the UFC Light Heavyweight belt, he will be the first ever to become the Undisputed World Light Heavyweight Champion.

Although Henderson has accomplished so much in his MMA career, including his most impressive victory over Wanderlei Silva in his last fight, many people are counting him out against Jackson.

“People may think I’m the underdog because they don’t know me. But in my mind I’m not the underdog,” said Henderson. “They will definitely know who I am after this fight, especially after I beat the hell out of Quinton.”

Henderson comes from a decorated wrestling background, and has deadly knockout power, especially with his left hand, just ask Silva. But in comparison to the reigning UFC Champ, Henderson feels that he has advantages across the board.

“I’ve got a little bit better grappling. I’m a little smarter when I’m out there,” Henderson said. “I don’t make as many mistakes. He’s athletic, but so am I. I feel I have the bigger heart … I don’t have any quit in me.”

Henderson feels that although Jackson is a talented fighter, he tends to take too many chances and is rather unpredictable with his striking and ground game.

“Quinton is more skilled and technical as a striker than Silva,” Henderson states. “Quinton’s athleticism and explosiveness gets him out of a lot of those mistakes that he makes. He gets caught in triangles and arm-bars and powers out of a lot of stuff that a lot of people don’t when they get caught in those positions.”

Look for Henderson to try and exploit Jackson?s mistakes utilizing his superior ground game to possibly squeak out a decision. Out of Henderson?s twenty-two victories, eleven of them have been left at the hands of the judges.

However, don?t let that number fool you. As most MMA fighters with strong wrestling backgrounds, they do look to win most of their matches by decision. Henderson is a different bread in a sense that ten of his victories have come in explosive (T)KO fashion.

So Henderson feels that he is ready for anything, and he hopes that the current UFC Champ is too.

“Quinton is going to try to take me down a little more than Silva. He’s going to try to knock me out just like Wanderlei did,” said Henderson, who’s devised a way to counter Jackson’s solid striking ability. “I’ve been working on my left hand a little bit more.”

Whether this fight is decided on their backs or their feet, it is guaranteed to be an exciting show. Come September 8th, the lights will be on, the curtain will be drawn and the cameras will be rolling as these fighters look to make history.

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