MMA Life Vitor Belfort Lost ‘Millions of Dollars’ In UFC-Reebok Deal, But Dismisses Free Agency – YouTube Video Update

Vitor Belfort Lost ‘Millions of Dollars’ In UFC-Reebok Deal, But Dismisses Free Agency

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When you think about learning self defense, you may initially feel overwhelmed. There are many different kinds of self defense to choose from. There is martial arts self defense; there are self defense DVD programs; there is reality based self defense. The list really goes on and on. The thing you have to keep in mind is your ultimate goal. Are you just looking to get fit (in which case, martial arts self defense is great)? Are you looking to really take your personal safety in your own hands and make sure you can face any situation (in which case, you want something reality based and brutally intense)?
Once you have chosen the program that is right for your lifestyle, personality, and goals; you’re well on your way. When you first begin a martial arts self defense program – or any self defense program really – your motivation is very high. You are being challenged and learning things that have meaning in your life. There is nothing like a great self defense program to give you confidence in yourself! Even self defense DVD programs that allow you to learn and practice at home give you valuable tools.
Here’s a tip to help you gain as much knowledge and know-how as possible: revert back to your childhood and let your imagination flow. That’s right, daydreaming can be oh so good for your progress in mastering martial arts self defense. Scientifically, we are visual beings. Our minds picture all sorts of things every single day; how we will look wearing that new jacket; what traffic will look like on the way to work or school. When it is time to give that presentation or ask for that promotion, our mind will picture how we will look and what we will say. The smart mind will go so far as to imagine a favorable outcome too!
The science behind visualization has been studied for decades; beginning back in the 1930’s with neuro-muscular researcher Edmund Jacobson. In the initial research, it was found that there are parts of our brains and nervous systems that cannot tell the difference between something that is really happening and that which is well imagined and visualized. This principle is also used to support the Law of Attraction; but that’s a whole different story. The point is that visualization has a lot of power to help you control that which happens in your life.
Thinking in terms of your martial arts self defense or fighting techniques; visualization can play a huge role in how you respond in a real life situation. For this reason, it is good to allow yourself the time to daydream a little; to see yourself holding off a would-be assailant; to see yourself disarming a bad guy wielding a knife. A safe outcome to a dangerous situation is possible, and if you spend time imagining your responses to specific scenarios – such as a grab from behind – you are more likely to react quickly and hit your mark when you do throw that punch or kick.
Daydreaming can do a lot for you when you learn to harness the power of visualization and focus it on your self defense techniques. Obviously, this all goes hand in hand with practice and hard work; but including visualization increases your skill significantly.

best mma dvd workout