MMA Life UFC’s Urijah Faber — Conor Got Whooped, I Tried to Warn Him! – YouTube Video Update

UFC’s Urijah Faber — Conor Got Whooped, I Tried to Warn Him!

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As with all sporting disciplines, the fundamental constituent that makes for a great mixed martial arts fighter stems from passion, which in turn drives hours of hard work, commitment and dedication. Passion serves as a bottomless well of inspiration in any endeavor one may choose to undertake and this is no different in the dynamics concerned with what it takes to be a mixed martial arts fighter.
Depending on the level in which one wants to participate in, there are different levels of application required to complete the satisfactory standards of what it takes to be a fighter. What it takes at an amateur level or as a hobby, is markedly different to what it takes at semi-pro or professional level.
While passion is the ultimate fuel for any successful venture, passion alone is not nearly enough to furnish the requirements of what it takes. Passion is only the catalyst in the equation and since mixed martial arts is a combination of fighting styles; a genuine love for a certain fighting art form would have had to be precedent in the heart of anyone wishing to get into it. One cannot simply go straight into mixed martial arts without already being active in one or more individual fighting styles, such as karate, kickboxing, jujitsu or wrestling. This activity in a particular fighting art, coupled with its mastering, leads to curiosity of other fighting arts and this is what it ultimately takes to be a professional fighter. A constant will to improve, learn and master new fighting techniques, with the ultimate aim of utilizing the various exploits of these different fighting techniques at the right time to achieve maximum efficiency, has no substitute.
Getting into the breakdown of the physicality of becoming a mixed martial arts fighter, it has already been established that one needs to be actively involved in one or more areas of the fighting art forms as well as have a passion for that particular art. There are some physical proceedings one needs to start with however in order to get going, and the very first thing is to become part of a good organization. Often, a good organization is marked by its diversity in fighting style offerings, with mixed martial arts a secondary form of fighting arts that was phased in with the passage of time.
Once one has become part of an organization, about fifty percent of what it takes to be a mixed martial arts fighter is achieved, as one will be motivated to attend organized training sessions and will have access to a considerable amount of competition from fellow members and counterparts. One will always have some sort of standard to compare their progress with, within an organized structure.
The other fifty percent of what it takes not only to be a mixed martial arts fighter, but to be a good fighter is a combination of factors that come down to your own personal effort. Great physical conditioning, a dynamic mind that is willing to learn all the time and is constantly adapting to changing situations, mental sharpness, focus, discipline and genuine hard work complete the list of what it takes to be a mixed martial arts fighter.

best mma gym in dubai