MMA Life #UFC194 Conor McGregor Vs Jose Aldo – Knockout In 13 Seconds KO – YouTube Video Update

#UFC194 Conor McGregor Vs Jose Aldo – Knockout In 13 Seconds KO

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I first came across this thing, my art is the best martial arts, a couple of days after I began studying Chinese Kenpo. The school was preparing for a tournament, people were training, excitement was in the air, and I happened to hear two competitors talking in the changing room. “We’ll win because ours is the best martial art.”
Well, that was nice to know, because I certainly didn’t want to discover, some year, that I had been studying an inferior brand X. So I threw myself into learning the kata and techniques, and I practiced kumite till it poured out of my ears. Odd thing, though, our school never really did win all the tournaments.
Obviously, nobody else in the world knew that my art was the best martial art. Weird, that nobody would have heard this obvious truth, you know? But it just goes to show how uninformed the people of this world are.
Then, one day I ran into a person, and he claimed that the karate he knew was the best karate, and better than the art I had been learning. How interesting, to run into one of these unbelievers. We discussed the situation at length, and he got me interested, and I finally visited his school, and, it turned out that his art was better than mine!
So I started studying his brand of Karate, studied it for years and years, finally learned about everything there was to know about it, and then I knew I was the best. Then, having reached the pinnacle of success, my instructor showed me some sticky hands out of an art called wing chun kung fu. He was winning because he knew something that was better than the stuff he was teaching!
So I sought out a kung fu school, and I started learning the real stuff, I started learning the best kung fu, and martial arts, in the world! Actually, I learned a bunch of kung fu, and then I read a book. In the book this guy was talking about Tai Chi Chuan, and how the kung fu masters could do such incredible things, and it was the best, I say ‘THE BEST’ martial discipline in the world.
So I began learning Tai Chi Chuan, and then I learned an art called Pa Kua chang, and several other rare styles. All of them the best arts in the world, and you’d better believe it. Then, one day I was talking with a guy who had been studying as long as I had.
He said that he had thought tai chi chuan was the best, then somebody had told him about kung fu, and from there he finally went to Karate. I sort of blinked at that. He had studied the best martial arts, but he had studied them in the wrong order!

best mma biography books