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UFC on FOX 18: Josh Barnett’s Pro Wrestling Workout

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The exercises on this page will give you the strongest fingers, and therefore an incredibly hard punch in the martial arts. This is going to be true for karate, kung fu, kenpo, taekwondo, or whatever. With a little thought, it can even be true in the Mixed Martial Arts arena.
It is a well-known fact that a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. This rule can be found in the martial arts for any hand technique, and specifically for fist techniques. A punch is only going to be as strong as your weakest finger.
The first drill is nothing more than a push up. You must learn, however, to do these push ups on the fingers, and thus make the fingers as strong as steel bars. It is hard, however, to begin on the fingertips, so one should practice a variety of easier push ups first.
First, practice your push ups on the palms of your hands, then on the backs of palms. This will make the wrists stronger, so that they will be able to support the fingers. After you can do push ups on the fronts and backs of the hands, go for the fists.
Fists are great for hitting, but you want to hit with a smaller and smaller fist area. You can knock a ball a mile with a club, but you can punch a hole in it with a screwdriver. This is the theory you want to pursue.
Start doing push ups on half knuckles, and slowly work your way to just two knuckles, and finally, one knuckle on each hand. It won’t be too long before you will be able to do push ups on the fingers. In the beginning, the fingers will be bent, but with a little work you will be able to do them on straight fingers.
You can help this procedure by doing the push ups in sand, or on a folded rag, which will adjust to the lengths of the various fingers. As you get better and better, you can reduce the number of fingers you are working on. Eventually, and this may take some time, you will get down to push ups on the index fingers of your hands.
This particular method for increasing strength in the fingers can take a while, and you will find that it takes a lot of mental concentration. The mental concentration may be the biggest bonus of this exercise, for the mind will last longer than the body. Whatever you get out of this martial arts exercise, no matter whether you are a student of karate, kenpo, kung fu, taekwondo, or another martial art, you will find that increasing strength in the fingers in this manner will give you a hard punch.

best mma clubs in uk