MMA Life UFC on FOX 17 Weigh-In Highlights Video Update

UFC on FOX 17 Weigh-In Highlights Video Update

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Suggestions that it is unnecessary to learn self defense are wide of the mark and frankly, dangerous. Even if you live in what seems like a safe area, all it take is one thug and one incident to change your life forever. It would be foolish to put your safety and that of your family’s at risk which is why it is necessary to learn some techniques to give you peace of mind. There are literally hundreds of courses out there with the regular training course seemingly a thing of the past. With our increasingly hectic schedules, it is simply not possible to attend a class on a specific day at a set time. We need flexibility to suit our schedules which is why online courses come in so handy.
Besides people’s unwillingness to learn martial arts, there is also the cost issue. Face to face classes with an instructor and other pupils is deemed to be too expensive with the costs of petrol from driving back and forth not to mention the enrollment fee and any uniform you are required to wear. Yet money should not be a problem when the time comes to learn self defense as surely the safety of your loved ones has a greater worth than any dollar amount? Online courses vary from $30 to several hundred but it is unnecessary to buy the larger, more expensive ones.
This is because the main principle of self defense training should be to keep things simple. There is no good reason why a novice would want to learn 200 moves when they will be fortunate to remember 10% of that amount. They are likely to forget even more of what they learned when faced with an attack. This is because the mind has a tendency not to work as well when under extreme pressure. When faced by a violent criminal, are you really confident that your mind will function to its full potential? With this in mind, learn a few basic martial arts moves that are easy to master and remember. When faced with a dangerous situation you need to be able to react instinctively.
Also, it does not take as long to learn self defense as it does to engage in a competitive sport like boxing or wrestling. You do not need to dedicate several hours a day to your craft in order to see results. Remember, you are training to defend yourself against a random street assault so even a few minutes a day honing your skills is time well spent. There is certainly no harm in making a few gym visits to improve your strength and stamina as these are also keys to surviving a vicious street assault.
When you learn self defense, you are making an investment of time and money that will repay you many times over. You cannot put a price on the safety of you and those you care about. It doesn’t matter if you take an online course or purchase a DVD. As long as you learn the basics well, you will be ahead of the majority of the population and crucially, ahead of the thugs as well.

best mma breakdowns