MMA Life UFC Fight Pass Embedded: Vlog Series – Episode 3 – YouTube Video Update

UFC Fight Pass Embedded: Vlog Series – Episode 3

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Yahoo! Sports is reporting that the biggest name in the UFC is considering retirement. Chuck ?The Iceman? Liddell lost his second straight fight on Saturday night against Keith Jardine at UFC 76 in Anaheim. Liddell reportedly had a long discussion with UFC President Dana White about his future, where White was left thinking that Liddell was serious about retirement.

“This isn’t the kind of sport you can be in half-heartedly. If you don’t have the passion for it, it’s time to get out? said White. Many in the MMA community are making a big deal about the way Liddell was fighting on Saturday night; Quinton ?Rampage? Jackson even went as far as saying he was, ?gun-shy.? Of all people, Quinton Jackson knows what you go through mentally when you?re coming back from a knockout loss. He admitted that ?I went through it when I lost to Wanderlei (Silva) and so I know what it’s like.? If you look at his fights after being knocked out, Jackson was never really as aggressive as he used to be, the problem Liddell faces is that he?s 37 years old. Does he have enough time to get through this, or would he rather hang it up?

Not to say that Liddell couldn?t do it, but after all of the success that he?s already achieved, is it worth it? Only Chuck Liddell knows that answer.

Tim?s Take: Chuck Liddell is going to take at least a six-month layoff and then decided whether or not he?s going to fight again. I think his hunger to fight Wanderlei Silva is still there and he was kind of let down by the fact that he was facing Keith Jardine. Liddell will want to fight again, but his only pre-requisite is that his opponent be Wanderlei Silva. Make sure you check out Tom Ngo’s article Chuck’s Future on Ice for more on Chuck “The Iceman” Liddell.

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maa best awards