MMA Life UFC Fight Night 95 Weigh-Ins: Cris Cyborg Makes Weight – YouTube Video Update

UFC Fight Night 95 Weigh-Ins: Cris Cyborg Makes Weight

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Reebok payouts for UFC on FOX 21: ‘Condit vs. Maia’ totals $147,500 –
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Every country is home to criminals who simply enjoy harassing the innocent people. The violence is increasing each day and law seems to dwindle from the scene when it is most needed. In a scenario like this, self defense techniques are the best option for a common man. Moreover, at the time when criminal activities are taking place, you may not be having time or means to call police. In this situation the best possible way is to defend your self. The following article will speak of the street fighting secrets.

The foremost thing to consider is the fact that you should avoid any situation that leads to street fighting. However, after several attempts, your denial is falling on deaf ears; you start preparing yourself and analyze the situation. In the self defense techniques, do not consider your stance to be equivalent to a Hollywood star, and then start fighting. You are a normal human being and you have to consider that your opponent may be as good or even better. Basically, do not do something which is out of extraordinary.

In case your opponent or the person, who is attacking you, is charging towards you with a great force, the best option would be to dodge that force. This is one of the best street fighting secrets. You have to make the attacker?s force go away in a different direction or simply redirect the force. There is a theory which tells that it is not correct to redirect the force. According to it, you must stop the force of the attacker even if it is for a matter of second. You can stop the movement by a kick or a hit on the eyes.

One of the self defense techniques includes a serious blow on the groin region. This will make the assailant stumble to a large degree. You can take benefit of the time while your assailant is staggering and run for safety. Always keep yourself armed with small handy things that can be used against the attackers. Pepper spray or perfume sprays are some of the examples. The street fighting secrets involve small details that we generally tend to ignore. A pepper spray can be extremely helpful in such situations.

You can join the local marital arts school to obtain a good training course. Kung-fu, judo or karate are extremely good self defense techniques. In case it is not possible for you to take such courses, then you must have certain points in mind during a street fight. Always look into the eyes if the attacker. This will deter his confidence to a great extent. He may even leave you and go. Never keep lethal weapons like guns or they will do more harm than you can think of. If by any chance the gun falls into the hands of the assailant, it can turn out to be more dangerous. It can become life-threatening. Thus always carry something which can momentarily distract the attacker; for example a pepper spray. One of the most important street fighting secrets is the confidence factor.

best hw mma