MMA Life UFC Fight Night 82 Media Day Staredowns Video Update

UFC Fight Night 82 Media Day Staredowns Video Update

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In any martial arts style, flexibility is key. If you cannot stretch your leg or arms very well then I suggest you look at another sport I am afraid. If you practice Tae Kwon Do you are required to kick extremely high, often above the head. To master this you need superb flexible skills. You need to train your body to be flexible just as you would to train it for strength. Fortunately though flexibility exercises can be done anywhere. Pretty much any stretching will improve your flexibility if done correctly.A?
Martial arts techniques are also great ways to improve your flexible skills, when ever you perform a kick you are essentially stretching your muscles. The crux of it though is to get enough practice. Whenever you perform a stretch exercise, remember to move smoothly into the stretch position and hold it for at least ten seconds. Try not and hobble around and bounce to catch your balance. At first if you have an issue with your balance as many people new to martial arts do, perform the stretch but make sure you are supporting yourself on something so you can stay still long enough for the required stretch, such as a piece of equipment or partner.A?
First off, position yourself either next to a partner for support or a wall.
Do a front kick using the correct technique. Kick to the front with your foot pointed and toes pulled back. Strike with the ball of your foot.
Get your partner or fellow student to lift your leg as high as possible.
Make sure you tell your partner when to stop. Tell them to stop when you feel the stretch. Do not wait until it becomes to painful, pain is not good for stretches. Pain is a signal that you could be pulling muscles too much or damaging ligaments and tendons.
Make sure your leg is released slowly after ten seconds. Make sure that it is still in the stretched position and that your body is upright. This will build muscle strength.
Now hold your leg without your partners help in the stretched position for a further ten seconds, and then lower it slowly.
Now relax for ten second and repeat the exercise again on the other side.
Remember any kick can be used to perform a kick stretch; it needn’t be a front kick, for me though I find it the easiest way. If you keep this stretching routine up daily you will soon see a significant improvement in your flexibility. Before you know it you will be performing high kicks at your fellow students.

best mma coach