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UFC Counterpunch: Cormier vs Jones – Sneak Peek

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Quicker punching helps you hit your opponent more quickly, with less effort, and gives you more time to react and avoid being hit. Furthermore the great news is that punching speed can be increased through hard training. Power can be devastating for mixed martial artist but it becomes meaningless if you are slow and unable to land a quick jab on your opponent. Developing a quicker punch will lead you to a victory in the octagon. Drills and equipments can assist you in developing your punching speed and reflexes.
Paper Drill
Most people don’t know that paper can be used to increase your punching speed. As the paper drops, try striking it as fast as you can. The more time you invest into speed hitting, the quicker your hands react. Paper is cheap and you can pick some up anywhere so you don’t have any excuses to do this drill!
Candle Drill
One simple way to develop your quickness is to light a candle and then try to extinguish it using the speed of your punch. Spending some time on this practice may gradually increase your punching speed to a high degree.
Blocking Drill
To perform this exercise you need to have a partner. Let your partner attempt to block your punch as you deliver it using your fullest speed. However, if it happens that your partner is unable to block your punch make sure you can halt your punch about 1/4-inch from his face.A?
Punching Pads
Punching pads can be use to intensify your speed and heavy punching. If you are working out with one pad, have your partner hold the pad in front of him. Whenever you attempt to punch it, he should try to make you miss and make the pad move either up or down. Performing it with two pads can also be an effective practice.A?
Wooden Dummy
A wooden dummy can be used to develop your punching speed. This way, you will be able to feel the sensation of hitting something in the fastest way. However, using this equipment, will damage your hands if they are not conditioned for hitting solid and hard objects. Anyway, through continues practice your hands will gradually numb and become used to hitting a wooden dummy.
Speed Bag
The most effective way to develop the speed of your punches with precise accuracy is achieved through using the traditional speed bag. When hitting the speed bag, you should be quick in using your hands. Also, you have to hit the target utterly in order for it to directly bounce back to you.
As Bruce Lee instructs on how to use a speed bag, he said;
“In the beginning, use both hands to punch the bag and stand with your feet parallel but comfortably apart. Hit the bag straight, using your nose as the guiding point. The most valuable feature of the bag is that it compels you to hit directly and crisply so it returns to you sharply. You cannot hit the bag if you punch from your hip; it takes too long to react. And you are liable to be hit in the face since your hands will not be able to protect your head from the oncoming bag.”

best mma training dvd