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UFC Champion Conor McGregor Knows How to Win a Bar Fight

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If you are reading this, then you are probably one of the few amongst the masses who want that certain “something extra” that life has to offer. Ninjutsu training – the self-protection and personal development lifeways of Japan’s ancient Ninja families – offers modern students like you the path of enlightened living reserved for only the most serious students seeking to become true warriors.
As clich?? as this may sound, the truth is that everyone fits into one of three categories. And while these categories are called by different names, I’ll refer to them here as…
the sheep (98% of the population)

the wolf, and…

the sheep dog
Simply put, the “sheep” are those who have no idea about what’s going on, and are easily lead from one place to another. And, even if they do know – they believe that they are bound by fate to live the life they have.
The “sheep” dog, while not so easily lead, enjoys his position as a leader of the sheep. But, he can’t see that there is more to life then simply going along with the status quo and the rules of his “master.”
The “wolf”, as I’m using it here is the predator – the solitary or pack animal who preys on the weak. The wolf comes in many guises – from the ravaging animal attacker, to the sly wolf dressed up as a “friend” (remember Little Red Riding Hood) who baits you into his trap.
If you are like the majority of the population and fall into the “sheep” category, but are ready to do what it takes to institute change and rise above the droned life you are leading, or you are in the third category and need that missing something to help you along the path, then this may be the place for you.
However, if you are content to be a sheep, expecting the world to be okay with your neediness and inability to do anything other than wonder aimlessly, or…
If you are part of the second category – if you’re a wolf who says he wants learn these skills for self-defense but really can’t wait to beat on others for fun or profit…
stop reading this and don’t waste my time or your own because the path of enlightenment is not for you.
At least not while you are who you are.
With that being said, you have to ask yourself whether or not you’re ready to be one of the few who seek out to be the Master of their domain and learn the true meaning of being a “Shadow Warrior”. To become a true warrior in every sense of the word one must be prepared to start a lifelong quest of enlightenment by enrichment of body, mind and spirit.
Does that describe you?
When undergoing ninjutsu training, the physical attributes are the first thing that comes to mind, but it is only a small portion of the total package. For the body is only a ninja tool.
You read that correctly. And, it’s so important for you to understand that I’ll say it again…
body is only a tool for delivering the skills that are designed to produce the results.
The true Shinobi Warrior realizes this and treats his body like the temple it is because it houses the life of a warrior. Therefore, it must be maintained with the proper fuel and training to operate optimally, which will allow the warrior to carry out any task at any time. It does not matter if it’s writing an article like this, navigating life’s challenges, or fighting off a predator trying to rob you of your livelihood…
tool that one uses is one in the same.
The body is useless without the mind. Before you brush this statement off as being cheesy, look deeper into the context of the statement and think about how we human beings fight. It can be verbally, physically, financially or emotionally.
No matter what the situation, one has to be able to overcome the obstacle in front of you. Therefore the mind has to be fueled and exercised just like the body in order to overcome any obstacle. Whether street fighting or making power plays one must be able to mentally overcome the overwhelming feeling of stress and avoid tunnel vision. In ninjutsu training, this is done by using the mind to think strategically, and repetitiously train the body, creating paths to success no matter what the odds or obstacles in the way.
The mind has no direction without Spirit. Spirit gets one started down the path of enlightenment and enables a person to be able to carry on when all else seems hopeless. Spirit cannot be seen like the body, or figure out the best angle of attack like the mind, but it produces drive and tenacity. It is the force that drives one beyond any limiting thoughts or perceptions. In its simplest form, it can be referred to as “drive”. No one can give it to you, but it can be built and harnessed through your ninjutsu training and application.
Body, mind and spirit make up every one of us. How each is used, and for what purpose, is what makes up the essence of a Warrior. Ninjutsu training, at least as I teach it, is based on the fact that everyone is the same in as many ways as they are different. That is why it is one of the best, if not the best path toward ultimate Mastery.
If you are truly ready to understand the depth and ways of authentic Ninpo – to set out on the path of enlightenment and learn authentic ninjutsu training from an experienced Master of the art, then there is no better time to be a man or woman of action than right now.

best mma classes nyc