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UFC Battle Lines: Silva vs Bisping

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If cardio in your MMA training isn’t a priority then this may be just the write place for you to be as I explain why it needs to become one. Here in the most simplest of terms, is why conditioning for MMA is utterly important:
Your next MMA fight is here and you are running into the ring or octagon for your match and you have all your training in place like; BJJ, Boxing, Muay Thai and some wrestling. You know what he is going to do and more importantly you know exactly what you are going to do. Your ground game is unstoppable, your punches are right on target, and your mental game is at it’s pinnacle.
The Bell Rings and You are Ready
Without a doubt you know you can crush your opponent it is only a matter of time until the bell rings.. Then that little voice that asks you questions taps you on your shoulder and says, “Shouldn’t you have spent more time on your conditioning? What if this goes the distance?” Before you have a chance to take that even into consideration the bell rings and you have to bolt forward towards your fight has begun. Right off the bat you land a few sharp jabs and then take your opponent down with such a fast single leg that he does not even have a chance to defend it. When you find yourself on the mat you are able to move around pretty much at your will.. You are in control and feel like victory will be yours.
Don’t Feel Those Concrete Blocks
But, you notice a few minutes into the round that your feet are starting to feel like they are attached to concrete blocks. You are starting to feel short of breath and soon enough the tables are turned on you. The other man gets up to his feet and the referee tells you to stand. You are visibly tired and the other guy and his training buddies can see it, you don’t have much more in the tank. You think to yourself, “When the hell is this round going to end?”
He attacks aggressively and you are stuck defending because you don’t have the energy to mount an offence. Your arms feel heavy and are starting to drop bit by bit as the moments pass. He quickly sees an opening and goes after it, and you didn’t even see it coming and more importantly couldn’t do anything about it. Your hands were too far down to block that left hook now barreling at your chin.
You wake up back stage with an answer to your question and a splitting headache.
So, now do you like stories with sad endings or positive endings? Good endings right? Well you still have time to fix this problem and turn this story around! I know we all like stories with happy endings If you gas out during a fight you are the only one to blame, it does not matter how skillful in Martial arts you are, you are going to have a bad day.
So, you are probably asking yourself, “How the hell do I keep from gassing out in my next fight!”? Well the answer is through a well-rounded Mixed martial arts conditioning program.
You need to develop these areas:
* Aerobic capacity
* Anerobic capacity
* Strength
* Functional Strength
* Power
* Muscular Endurance
The top exercises to develop these areas are:
* Running
* Sprinting
* Weight Lifting
* Functional Exercises
* Plyometrics
Where does one start? Truly ask yourself, where are you the weakest? What do you need to train the most?.
Do you starting losing your breath 5 minutes after starting your MMA workout? Are you stronger or weaker than the average MMA athlete? These are the questions that you need to truly ask yourself and come up with a true answer!.
It is always important for any mixed martial arts fighter to always know they are only as strong as their weakest link.
Not to say that you should neglect your strong areas. You should continue to work on them also.
So with a little thought you should be able to come up with a Martial arts conditioning program that will eliminate your weaknesses and bolster your strengths.
Remember, if you are in better shape than your opponent, even if he has an edge in technique and skill, the odds are greatly stacked in your favor. Because once he runs out of gas, his amazing technique will simply disappear.

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