MMA Life UFC 204 Media Day Staredowns Video Update

UFC 204 Media Day Staredowns Video Update

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2016 IMMAF Africa Open Championships Announced for South Africa – IMMAF
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There are stories about women being assaulted, mugged or otherwise victimized that appear on the news every day. Unfortunately, many men perceive women as being the weaker sex and think they are easy targets. It’s easy to assume that nothing like this would ever happen to you or a loved one, but counting on luck to prevent an assault is not an effective strategy. Why leave it up to fate, when the Women Assault Survival and Prevention course at the Defensive Tactics Institute can help you take matters into your own hands? The successful completion of this woman self defense course will give you the knowledge and skill that you need to respond effectively to assaults.
Stop Living in Fear
Some women ignore the very real risk of assault and carry on about their daily lives as if something like that could never happen to them. Others are fully aware of the risks and are wracked with anxiety and fear. Both outlooks can be dangerous, and neither one gets results. In both cases, women don’t have confidence in their ability to survive and respond effectively to assaults. By enrolling in the WASP course at DTI, women can arm themselves with the skill and knowledge that’s necessary to lead happier, safer lives. These self defense courses can make a huge difference for women of all ages.
Be Ready for Anything
Counting on luck is nothing more than a form of powerlessness. When you count on luck to see you through tough or dangerous situations, you are admitting that you are powerless to protect yourself. There is no reason to live life this way. WASP self defense classes at DTI are specifically designed to give women the tools they need to tap into the natural talents that they usually don’t know they have. A small amount of physical instruction is provided, but the majority of the course revolves around security awareness and the effects that fear has on your ability to defend yourself.
Exchange Luck for an Actual Plan
By successfully completing the WASP course at DTI, you will be able to kick luck to the curb and embrace an actual plan for keeping yourself safe. You will no longer walk around on pins and needles about the risk of being assaulted, and you will stop living based on the assumption that nothing like this could ever happen to you. Knowledge is power, and the right training and self defense courses can make a huge difference not only in a dangerous situation but for your day-to-day happiness and well-being too.

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