MMA Life UFC 203: CM Punk vs. Mickey Gall Media Conference Call – YouTube Video Update

UFC 203: CM Punk vs. Mickey Gall Media Conference Call

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It is common known that Tai Chi Chuan is based on Chinese philosophy ?Taoism, which attaches much attention on the method of breathing. The Taoists prefer deep and harmonious breathing. The founder of Tai Chi Chuan adopted this breathing method.

We all know that our heart and lungs must keep working incessantly to keep us alive and in good health. Once there is something wrong with these two organs, your health will in bad condition. Therefore, we need to protect them from too much stress and strain when we engage in exercise. When we are in some exercise, our lungs are expanded to increase the chest?s capacity to take in air. However, this is not good for us because this puts a great deal of pressure on our lungs. This breathing method is not suitable for the sick and the old people.

However, Tai Chi Chuan practices do not adopt this breathing method. Tai Chi Chuan movements are relaxed, natural and harmonious, so does the breathing.

If you practice Tai Chi Chuan regularly and constantly, you will keep a slow and deep breathing.
When you adopt this breathing method, inhaling makes your diaphragm expand outward as well as downwards to the abdomen, which can give you lung more space. When you exhale, your diaphragm will contract both inwards and upwards. The rising and falling motions of the diaphragm help our lungs to function properly.

When we practice Tai Chi Chuan, we should keep out mouth close and inhale and exhale at all times through the nose. We can avoid a dry throat by resting our tongue against the roof of the mouth.

ufc (mma) best knockouts 2014 hd