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If it was your decision not to learn kung fu, or some other martial sweaty, too hard…maybe you should reconsider. Society is flipping out, and I mean in our own safe, little cities. Here are seven instances of people who have gone over to the dark side, and they are the total argument for learning self defense.
Two girls didn’t like the way some fry cook was taking their McNuggets order at their McDonalds restaurant, so they jumped over the counter and went after him. He decided to pick up an iron bar and proceeded to give them a little of their own medicine. McDonalds should have included Karate or Kung Fu lessons in their training!
Young people aren’t the only ones going insane, because a sixty year old woman repeatedly stabbed her boyfriend. She was just sure that he was cheating at the Monopoly game they were playing! Do not pass go, go directly to it’s too bad her boyfriend didn’t know a little Krav Maga or Defendo!
Some people say Americans don’t have enough protein in their diet, and maybe that is true. There was a guy in Georgia who actually firebombed a Taco Bell because they didn’t put enough meat in his Chalupa. Maybe if he had taken some judo or karate lessons when he was growing up he would have had a little more patience.
Have those government bureaucrats ever enraged you? Don’t get angry because in Cleveland a 49 year old man had to go to the emergency room because a poll monitor for the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections tried to bite his nose clean off his face! That’s one solid citizen who wished he knew a little Kenpo or Taekwondo or one of those martial arts.
I don’t know how much Kenpo Karate or Aikido would have helped this pair of oldsters in Washington state. A 31 year old man who was living in the woods decided to attack the oldsters with a bow and arrow and a hatchet. He killed the man, left the woman for dead, and went on his merry way.
Of course, one could argue that meds is the answer, not martial arts they’d be wrong. One out of every twelve Americans is now on prescription drugs, and people are not getting any more peaceful. Actually, when a violent crime happens, often the first question the police will pose is whether the criminal had stopped taking his Prozac!
Last in this odd hit parade is the example of the 18 year old man who met a girl on the net and traveled from Arizona to Wisconsin to get together with her. Once in Wisconsin she and a friend held him captive in their apartment for two days and slashed him more than 300 times as part of a Satanic sex ritual. That’s one kid who definitely wishes he could learn kung fu.

best of mma hd