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Shaolin Kung Fu is one of the most popular and respected martial arts because of its history and realistic applications. However, Shaolin Kung Fu is very complicated and has a lot of moves to learn. Using a Shaolin training DVD can help a practicing martial artist learn the moves and techniques in their own home and have the movements captured on video to be seen again and again. It is hard to pick up moves from only a few demonstrations, and a teacher rarely has enough free time to live with you and show you techniques any time you wish. With a Shaolin training DVD you can review techniques and movements until you have them down.

Shaolin Kung Fu is an External form of Chinese Kung Fu. This means that it deals with the hands, the feet, the body, the eyes, and the stances. It is practical, and physical. The Internal forms of Chinese Kung Fu deal with the mind, heart, and spirit. Shaolin Kung Fu pays special attention to stretching and using stretching to develop speed, range of motion, and defensive tactics. The different advantages of each stance are also very important. Using a Shaolin training DVD you can review the different stances, pause the DVD, and make sure you have the stance in your muscle memory like it is second nature.

Different forms can be used in different situations and used to react to the movements of the opponent or attacker. With so many difference stances and forms, many students find that there is a lot to remember mentally, and a lot for the muscles to have to remember as well. This is why a Shaolin training DVD can be such a big help. It allows you to go back and review any stances or information that your body has trouble remembering, or your mind has trouble recalling quickly.

There are many slight variations of Shaolin Kung Fu and they can contain everything from punching, kicking, throws, joint locks, grappling, and weapons training. Having a teacher to go over the moves with you is a huge help. Sometimes it is impossible for a student to know if they are doing a motion correctly without a teacher to help them and explain what they are doing wrong. But when your teacher is not there, a Shaolin training DVD can be the next best thing and can allow you to review movements as much as you want.

I really like the Kung Fu: Shaolin Kung Fu Foundation Form DVD because it breaks the moves down so they are easy to understand and replicate. The DVD explains the reasoning behind the movements so that I can make sure I am doing a move functionally correct. The Kung Fu: Shaolin Kung Fu Foundation Form DVD can help a beginner, or an experienced martial artist.

best mma fighter from russia