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UFC 200 Press Conference

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Most people know that these two martial arts share their roots as Brazilian Jiujitsu was developed directly out of Judo.
Although these two arts are very similar and have much in common, their biggest difference is on their area of focus and this is where training both arts becomes a huge advantage. Training both arts enlarges your focus and expertise in the different areas of takedowns and throws and the ground game and submissions.
While BJJ does focus part of it’s training on throws and takedowns. Judo takes this aspect of grappling into clearer focus than BJJ. By developing the beginning standing aspect of grappling, the BJJ player will better his overall game and further develop his defense against being taken down or thrown.
Further benefits include improvement in his ability to score points through throws and takedowns as well as better control of the match.
As for Judo players, they do have a little more adapting to do because of the rules differences on the ground in Judo which do place a lot more limits than BJJ does.
But despite that the overall skills gained training in BJJ on the ground will improve a Judo players’ ground game for the simple reason that more emphasis is placed on the ground game.
Personally. the two arts have helped me develop a deeper appreciation of both grappling and Mixed Martial Arts as well. Where I constantly and permanently seek to develop my skills further in both arts.
One of the points you need to be aware of going in though, is that Judo can be a tougher sport if for simply because BJJ can be fought using a positional strategy where you control the position and are given moments to relax and work slowly whereas Judo tends to be more fast paced with less chance to relax. This doesn’t mean Judo athletes are tougher, all it means is that your style of BJJ might be more relaxed and that you should accept that Judo could be more fast paced and aggressive than what you’re used to.
In the end, the completeness that they both offer my game, is worth taking some time off of either one to focus on specific aspects of the other.
If you have considered cross training in either to better your game, then following this approach will benefit your game greatly and I couldn’t recommend it more.
Within a few short months you’ll be seeing a difference in both styles and so will everyone you spar against.

why fedor emelianenko will always be the best mma fighter in history