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UFC 200: Pre-fight Press Conference

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UFC star Miesha Tate saves girl with broken arm while hiking | WGN-TV
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When you see that there is no way to come out of a street fight then you have to face the problem with full zeal. Some people can easily win the situation in less than 5 minutes while others are injured. The key to this issue is to learn street fighting secrets. Some of the self defense tips involve gouging the eyes of your attacker. The simple logic behind this move is that if your attacker is unable to see you, he won?t be able to carry on fighting further. Moreover, this will stun your opponent and you can run for safety in the meanwhile.

One of the under-rated self defense tips is face claw. This involves your fingernails. People who have long finger nails are at an advantage in this type of move. Your finger nails should be long enough to scratch the face of the assailant. All you have to do is claw the face in a downward motion. Aim at the eyes and if you can?t reach them try to inflict as much damage as possible. Face claw is not only the domain of women; even men can go ahead with this technique.

There are many tutors who make you learn street fighting secrets. They however, mix a lot of other types of teachings in the course. They do not concentrate only on the self defense tips. There are a few simple things which should be followed to enhance the safety factor. According to a survey most of the men get involved in a street brawl by saying something rude and offensive. Therefore you must control your emotion in the tricky situations. This may seem a little unpopular but you must always think before you speak.

When you learn street fighting secrets you are not told how to handle certain unique situations by merely using common sense. For example, if a fight breaks in a bar, what should be the first reaction? You must leave the place immediately. Don?t hang around till all other drunken people start fighting and throwing bottles and chairs over each other. People who walk away are safe while people who stand and see the scene get hit. Another secret is never to involve your self or give opinions when two people are arguing. Stay away or you can also get pulled in the ugly situation.

Other self defense tips involve hair grip. This is one of the most effective techniques to stop your attacker from making further moves. It is important that you try to gain control over your assailant. This will result in an end of a violent confrontation. In case you are unable to do so, your attacker will continue to inflict pain on you. Now hair grabbing is important because it is a weak spot in our body. It is not easy to grab hair. You have to stun your attacker initially. When you learn street fighting secrets, this technique is told and demonstrated a number of times. Stunning the opponent with the help of a blow on the nose is very effectual. Once the attacker loses control, you can grab him by hair.

best mma full fight videos