MMA Life UFC 200 Embedded: Vlog Series – Episode 3 – YouTube Video Update

UFC 200 Embedded: Vlog Series – Episode 3

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Do you want to learn martial arts? Probably yes. There are plenty of Martial Arts schools offers different kind of techniques and styles. And now, it also offered on video tutorials that can be viewed or bought by anyone. Just log to their website or any online stores and there you have it. It is really nice that to have this kind of technology which give you the convenience of learning at home. But, is learning at home could be worthy rather than learning on a gym?
Martial art teaches delicate knowledge either how to defend or attack your opponent. Most martial art schools test their skills trough a friendly sparring or on a competition. These skills should never to use to harm others. Basically, martial arts even though it is an individual sports still you need some partner to test the skills you have learn. If you are learning from a video tutorials you can’t or either of you doesn’t know both your limitation that could result to injuries or even worst. There are techniques which involve choking, breaking, and smashing that could be devastating if you don’t know how to perform it at first. Even professionals or masters could have some injuries how much more for beginners.
Thought video tutorials are convenient and not prohibited but dangerous. A kung fu lessons London gyms don’t just offer the martial art teachings but also companions. Companions are also factors of rapid improvement of your skills. Sharing of ideas and techniques could build your perfection of the art. Sometimes we need some criticism and ideas from others to learn. These are the advantages of learning in gyms.
There are some issues that martial art are involved. It is allegedly describe as one of the reasons of London riot last August and until now. Martial arts could be brutal but it is a discipline. It could be thought to anyone and learned by anyone. Frankly, Martial Arts have the Yin and the Yang which means it has balance. The one who controls the balance is the one who teach the art.
The one reason why we want to study martial arts is self defence and self defence classes in London doesn’t offer this but also the discipline and fitness of body and mind. If you want to learn, learn it from the instructor not just on video where they will teach you the right way and the only way to learn martial arts. It wouldn’t be a hustle if you could walked or travel for a distance to learn but it is also a form of mind exercise the determination to learn. In other way, martial art is not just learning in instant.

best quotes from mma fighters