MMA Life UFC 200: Brock Lesnar Confident for his UFC Return – YouTube Video Update

UFC 200: Brock Lesnar Confident for his UFC Return

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Ben Affleck, Jimmy Kimmel, Serena Williams Among New Investors in UFC | Variety
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If you have already been the victim of a violent assault then you know the sense of fear and helplessness you had when you underwent that attack. It is not something that you want repeated which is why many victims of violence have said enough is enough and are defending themselves. Those who have been fortunate and avoided such confrontations should not rest on their laurels as crime statistics suggest that random attacks are on the increase. There are a few things you need to do in order to get you better prepared against violent thugs. Purchasing a self defense DVD is a great place to start followed by becoming proficient in weaponry and finally, knowing the important of practice is the final arrow in your quiver in the fight against thugs.
It seems that every martial arts DVD on the market is some sort of gimmick. While it is true that there are an unhealthy amount of low quality productions available, this should not detract you from your goal of learning self defense. You just need to persevere and wait for the DVD’s that are filled with quality information about chokes, holds and strikes. With the internet at your disposal there is no excuse not to do a little spade work to ensure that the self defense DVD you are interested in is the real deal. Check out customer forums for unbiased opinions on DVD’s.
Any instructor who is worth taking seriously will recommend that you learn how to use weapons. It is time to jettison the ‘only cowards use weapons’ mentality. Street fights are not and never will be the place for chivalry and gentlemanly conduct. If someone attacks you they are no longer worthy of consideration as an equal. They are trying to hurt you so strike back while you are still able with whatever means are at your disposal. Non-lethal weapons such as pepper spray, batons or taser guns are always a good choice and can help you get home safely without getting your hands dirty.
Finally, even with the help of the best martial arts DVD in the world you cannot hope to be successful in a street fight if you don’t practice the skills you learn. An instructor can only show you the moves, they cannot physically protect you in an altercation. It is up to every student to dedicate themselves to the instructor’s training in order to get the best results. You will often hear people complain that a certain DVD was a rip-off because they got their butt kicked in a fight. What they fail to mention is the fact that they didn’t bother practicing any of the moves! When people say that they aspire to be Bruce Lee they fail to realize the hours of training he put in everyday to be the best.
With a self defense DVD, a weapon up your sleeve and dedication, you have as good as shot as anyone else when it comes to successfully defending yourself on the streets. If you are unprepared to put in the effort then you will sorely regret if you ever come face to face with an attacker.

best mma fresno