MMA Life UFC 200: Brock Lesnar Backstage Interview – YouTube Video Update

UFC 200: Brock Lesnar Backstage Interview

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Conor McGregor shocks fans in gun-wielding snap: ‘He’s had the taste punched out of him’
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Over the years past many decades, Judo Karate, Martial Arts, and Kung Fu have become one of the world’s most strenuous forms of art. This exquisite art of self defense and attack demands severe discipline from mind and body alike. Originated in Japan, Karate involves various techniques of punching, kicking, locking, and knee and elbow striking. It is a striking art which can be practiced as a sport, combat sport or as self-defense training. However, the traditional karate emphasizes more on self defense, helping an individual to develop better reflexes, as well as provide a full body workout. Although Karate is more about the different fighting techniques and karate moves, one thing that can not go unnoticed is the different colored karate belts. There are various colors for Karate Belts such as simple black and white to vibrant yellow and blue, which always catch attention and signify the rank of the practitioner wearing them. Kano Jigoro is considered to be the founder of judo and he is also responsible to create the belt ranking system to signify the progress of his students. In the year 1883, the founder of Judo Kano formally introduced belt ranking system. Subsequently in the year 1907, Kano started using traditional white and black colors for modem gi and modem obi, however, in few years; martial art forms adopted a new custom and started using different colored sashes to determine the rank. Each martial arts form has its own belt color order in accordance to its rank structure.
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