MMA Life UFC 2 Career Mode | Dana Shocks The World in 1st Pro Fight Video Update

UFC 2 Career Mode | Dana Shocks The World in 1st Pro Fight Video Update

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It’s surprising to me how many people think that they are too old to start martial arts training. I talk to people all the time about either coming to our gym to start training, or to come back to restart training and they laugh and say that they are too old now. I’m glad no one told me that I was too old because I’m still at it and I’m 58.
The fact of the matter is that age has nothing to do with your ability to do some sort of physical exercise. I saw on the news just this week where a man in his late 90’s is setting records for his age group for running marathon races. I guess no one told him he is too old to run races either. I’m glad.
Truth be known people use the “I’m too old” line as an excuse to be lazy most of the time. I mean let’s face it, working out makes you hot and tired. And who likes to be hot and tired? Well, I’m not crazy about it either but I know that it is both needful and beneficial to my overall well being.
Jesus told one of his disciples: “The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak”. Many people want to do some sort of physical workout but just can’t seem to ever get started. Others start a workout all gung ho and quickly fall away when the first signs of soreness set in. It takes a made up mind to stick with it. The Marines have a saying that I like. Maybe you’ve seen it on a tee shirt. It goes like this: “Pain is weakness leaving the body”.
I remember years ago when I was at a karate tournament somewhere and saw an old man. He looked to be in his late 70s or early 80s. He was competing in forms competition and he was a white belt (beginner). I really admired him for his courage and spunk. Looked like no one told him that he was too old to be doing that because he was giving it all he had.
So what if it takes you longer than everyone else to advance. What’s important is that you are out there working out and learning how to take care of yourself and your loved ones in the process. People develop skills in the martial arts at different speeds anyway. No two people develop a skill at exactly the same rate and level. Some people will always be better than you are. Others will always be worse than you are. Some people are great at forms while others are great at fighting. Some are even good at both. But what matters most is what skills you develop.
I hope you don’t think you are too old to start martial arts. If you do, or ever did, I want you to know that’s just not true. All you need to do is make up your mind that you are going to do it. Then get in there and get at it. You’ll be amazed at how much more you can do than you thought you could. Just be patient at first and stay with it. It won’t take long and you’ll see the results. You’ll be glad you did it and probably a little proud of yourself at the same time.
Train smart, train hard and train regular.

best edmonton mma