MMA Life UFC 199 Dominick Cruz + Urijah Faber S**t Talk Face To Face On Air – YouTube Video Update

UFC 199 Dominick Cruz + Urijah Faber S**t Talk Face To Face On Air

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We live in very uncertain times. How’s one to deal with this uncertainty? Unfortunately many people, perhaps most people, will resist change and as a result, will suffer greatly.
Here’s one option for change: Becoming a ninja in 2010.
Why a ninja lifestyle? Think about it. Ninja’s embody all the characteristics necessary for survival, especially in uncertain times. They can adapt to any situation. And adaption is key.
Here are a few important qualities which ninja’s embody, and how you can apply these principles to modern day times:

Discipline. Ninja’s are traditionally known as extremely disciplined. This is true both in their diet and training. Applying these principles to the modern day is an excellent way to stay healthy and fit, which in turn will cut down health care issues, and keep your immune system strong preparing for any potential pandemics that may arise.
Sense of Calm. A unique aspect for ninja’s is their sense of calm. Their ability to sneak and surprise requires a tremendous amount of patience and calmness, despite being in combat type situations. This is an extremely strong quality to embody in the coming year. We’ve seen many people lose homes, jobs and suffer disastrous situations. Those who are able to weather the storm, are those that can maintain their center, dealing with the situation in a calm, patient, and systematic manner.

Modern day ninja’s are subtle, smart, disciplined and live outside the norm of society’s gravy train way of doing things. While everyone else around them suffers, they calmly rise above the noise and confusion.
This is key for operating within the coming year of 2010. Much financial, economic, and environmental turmoil has already arrived and is predicted to become much, much worse.
Is it just a coincidence that the movie Ninja Assassin just came out during the last months of 2009? It is said that life imitates art, and perhaps this is art conveying the message that becoming a ninja is key for dealing with the coming catastrophes.
In any event, becoming a ninja can add a great deal of direction and discipline to your life. There are different options available for taking the necessary steps in the new year to get started on this incredible path.

Ninja camps. There are ninja type camps you can attend in the coming year. These can offer anywhere from weekend training to full on 3-6 month style training.
Ninja Book or How to Manual. These are excellent for getting started. Not only do you get the history, but you also get modern day tips and techniques that you can apply immediately. You can also learn ninja training which you can start implementing right away as well.

ea sports mma best specialty