MMA Life UFC 197: Top 5 Media Day Moments Video Update

UFC 197: Top 5 Media Day Moments Video Update

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Following Disappointment Of UFC 200, Fight Fans May Want To Steer Clear Of UFC 201
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There are many different forms of martial arts in world today. Every culture has its style that they have perfected through out the centuries. Many people think that martial arts originated in Asian countries but there is evidence that other styles were practice in other places such as Africa also. Many people also incorrectly believe that Karate is the name for all martial arts. This is simply not true. Karate is a martial arts but all martial arts are not Karate.
While Karate has been around for centuries, there is another style that has been around longer than Karate. This style is known as Kempo and is known for really quick striking. One other part of Kempo is that it also uses and teaches how to use weapons. Not only do they show you how to use weapons they also teach you how to disarm opponents who are carrying weapons. It has doesn’t have a lot of grappling in it since it is mostly a striking art and it originated in Japan.
Kempo is focused on striking and countering your opponent’s attacks. It is also known for its extremely fast attacks. When you learn to counter your opponent, you are also learning how to strike your opponent.
This speed hiting is focused on. People that practice Kempo for many years tend to be very fast. The reason for this is because they practice the techniques so much that they can move without even thinking. When you can react faster than thought, you are very hard to stop. Drilling and practicing moves is how you become this fast. Defense in any situation is what is taught in this martial art.
Just like with anything Kempo takes years and years to master. With constant practice you will be able to be one of those speed strikers. It will take a lot of time and effort though. If you truly want to be great at the sport, then you will have to make some sacrifices. If you don’t sacrifice something chances are that you will be good at the sport but not great.

fedor emelianenko best mma fighter