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UFC 197: Ticket On Sale Press Conference Face Offs

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What would you do if you are chased by your attacker? Would you run or bravely face him? It is undeniable that the world is not much of a safe place to live in. Sadly, violence and aggression is almost anywhere. If unlucky enough, one could get robbed of even his own life while merely just walking down the streets. There are many ruthless men who are just lurking around the corner. So, how do we keep ourselves safe from these baleful people? We must then learn the art of self-defense.
You may think that self-defense is just applicable to those who have trained in martial arts and the like. You got it wrong. There are self-defense techniques which can be used by everyone even for those who do not have any special training in martial arts. The self-defense techniques are listed in easy steps. You may now fight your attacker despite of your age, gender and size. Don’t just let yourself play the part of a feeble victim.
There are, however, vast repertoires of martial arts techniques. A martial artist knows hundreds of techniques but he doesn’t use all of them at a time. For it is when he is put under a lot of pressure that he knows which one is best to use. Intruders usually attack at any moment. You may experience panic at this very point and you may not have enough time to even figure out what to do. The simple martial arts techniques would help you at least stop the enemy for a moment so you can plan your next move.
You need not be Bruce Lee to execute these moves. Let us examine one by one what these simple martial arts techniques are. You must also know the advantages of your own size and body built. You do not need to be big to defeat any attacker. The first step is that you must perceive that the danger is a reality and not just a movie. Your goal is not to win but to protect yourself from the mugger. You must also know your limits. If you reckon that the attacker is too hard to pin down then at least be open to the possibility that you’ll lose and can get hurt.
You may also arm yourself with a hi-tech spy gear just in case it is impossible for you to beat the thug. There are also a lot of stun guns sold at your local shops for your personal security. Just press the trigger and you will surely put the hooligan confounded and paralyzed. It is also a must to stay calm and not be apprehensive.
Keep your composure and be very quick with your movements. Be ready also to get hit because it’s impossible not to get hit. All you have to do instead is to regain your composure and give the assailant one steady blow. Also remember that this is a street fight and you are not bounded by any rules. So, just feel free to hit anywhere although the move may seem silly. Make it sure also to be the one to always hit first and be on the advantage side then pin him to the ground. Lastly, keep your hands up just in case the attacker would fight back.

best mma choke holds