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UFC 197: Jones vs Saint Preux

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Charles – I am really excited about tonight’s topic and interview because what follows will explain what I think is the biggest mistake of the average street fight which is going toe-to-toe and trading punches with an opponent.  And our resident expert with us here now is going to give us 3 reasons why going toe-to-toe is crazy.  How are you doing today, David?
David – I am doing wonderful, Charles.  How are you?
Charles – Just fine.  Alright, tell us, help us out on this.  Why is going toe-to-toe in a fight crazy?
David – Well, Charles, this is the thing you see all of the time.  You see people that are ready to go at out in the street, inside of a bar, where ever.  And they always wind up trading punches while standing right in front of each other.  And the reason why this makes no sense to me is because –
First of All – #1 – You Don’t Know That Other Person or What They’re Capable Of – You don’t know if they’re a good striker.  You don’t know if they got good kicking skills.  You don’t know anything about them.  So, to just stand toe-to-toe with them, you’re basically going into the boiling water.
The 2nd Reason Is – When You Are In The Center of Their Body, Is That You Have To Deal Directly With Their Weapons – You have to deal with both of their hands, both of their feet.  You are exposed to not only strikes and kicks but also grabs, headlocks, jabs, pokes.  Any and everything that they want to do, you are in the center of all of their bodily weapons.  This makes no sense to put yourself through that.  
The 3rd Reason Is Because Now, You Are Not In Their Blind Spot – I have what I call:

Worst Spot
Better Spot
Best Spot
The worst spot you can be again is toe-to-toe.  The better spot you can be is when you are to the side of them off to an angle because then you only have one arm and one leg to contend with.  They have to come at you on your angle.  You’re making them fight your fight.  The best spot you can possibly be is behind them.  You can see them, but they can’t see you.  This is one of the first secrets of ninja invisibility, for your opponent not to be able to see you. 
Charles – Wow.
David – So, to be behind them, they are either going  to try to hit me with some kind of weird back fist, or some strange back kick which I am going to neutralize from jump. Or, you’re going to have to turn around, and get to me which in the process, I will take them out anyway.  If I’m behind you, I am in  total control. 
Charles – Wow.
David – So, this are the 3 reasons, the major reasons why going toe-to-toe makes absolutely no sense in a street fight. 
Charles – Wow, no this really makes a quantum leap into understanding what reality-based fighting and self protection is really about.  Thank you, David, so much.
David – My pleasure, Charles.

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