MMA Life UFC 197: Jon Jones and Ovince Saint Preux Octagon Interview – YouTube Video Update

UFC 197: Jon Jones and Ovince Saint Preux Octagon Interview

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It’s been said that we each can be the greatest barriers to our own success. This is true in business, our relationships, and most definitely in our Ninjutsu martial arts training.
If you are trying to progress towards Mastery in your Ninjutsu training, then you’ll want to make sure that you are not guilty of this single greatest reason for failure. And, if you are, I’ll tell you how to fix !
Before I expose this single, greatest problem that is holding back countless students from attaining the level of progress and skill proficiency they want within their Ninjutsu training, do you have any idea what it might be? What is it that could prevent most students from reaching their goals?
No teacher or school in their area?
Not enough money?
No car?
Parents or spouse won’t give permission?
Not the best time? (as if there is ever a best time!)
What could it be?
Do you know? And, more to the point, have you fallen victim to this problem?
Okay. I’ll tell you,
Making excuses!
I have been teaching the martial arts, including Ninjutsu, for over 20 years. And I can’t tell you how many “reasons” (read: excuses) that people give for NOT being able to train, or train correctly. It’s almost as though they are holding these things out as badges of honor – as if to say – “see, I have this thing that makes me different than everyone else.” “If it weren’t for this thing, I’d be able to train.”
Except that, when you show them how they can overcome that impediment – they throw out another one!
I am constantly hearing things like…
“I’m too old” – “too overweight” – “I can’t afford it…”
And a ton of other excuses about why they are a weak victim, who is in a unique situation…
neither I, nor anyone else, understands…
could possibly relate to.
All the while, the reality is that every one of us who have gone on to high levels of Mastery – who have become teachers of this martial art…
Had to overcome many of our own impediments.
But, the difference was that…
Our reasons were problems to be solved – not excuses to be held up as trophies for failure!
Personally, when I first began training…
I couldn’t afford the training. But instead of accepting my condition, I found ways to increase my income.
I didn’t have the buy-in from my wife. But, instead of telling people that “my wife won’t let me…” (as though she was my surrogate mom!), I sat her down and explained why this would benefit her!
I was in the military, stationed overseas – hundreds of miles away from any teacher. But, instead of “waiting for a better time,” I sat down and created a plan of action which would allow me to travel to train with a teacher at least two to three times a year – established a training group that provided the “bodies” I needed to train – and made sure that I practiced the skills that I “did” have, EVERY day!
Do you see the picture? Do you see the difference.
I had more reasons to not train – reasons to NOT attain Mastery – than most people.
And yet, instead of making excuses for “NOT being able to…”
I looked at those reasons and did what I needed to, to be the teacher who’s writing this lesson for students today! Remember…
You are either EXACTLY what you choose to be, or you are EXACTLY what you have allowed yourself to become! So…

best mma gym in new england