MMA Life UFC 197 Free Fight: Jon Jones vs Daniel Cormier – YouTube Video Update

UFC 197 Free Fight: Jon Jones vs Daniel Cormier

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Animals have been used in martial arts for hundreds of years. Martial artists of old tried to emulate fantastic animals and mimic their bravery and strength with certain techniques of their own. Also named the Kung Fu fist forms, they are believed to be some of the most effective and deadly martial arts to study, unlike the many other martial arts styles of today. So let’s have a look at what they are.
Dragon Claw
The dragon is a beast that has been famous in china for centuries. The Chinese actually believe that this style comes directly from the ancient dragon of myth. It is performed with an open hand technique which is in turn used to control your opponent by grabbing them then throwing them with the open hand technique a student could also use their fingers to stab out. The dragon claw method is a very fast technique which is hard to counteract, you will never see it coming either.
Tiger Claw
The tiger claw also uses an open hand movement like the dragon claw, but it is utilised for tearing and grabbing much the same as a real tiger’s claw. It is the most famous of the animal arts and well known and practiced in the style of Kung fu as well. It is practiced by grabbing and gripping with your hand. You then embed your fingernails into your opponents skin, once executed you shred the skin off the bone, destroying your opponent. Sound a bit heavy? Well that’s because it is, certainly not for the faint heated, this well renowned in martial arts as one of the deadliest attacks.
Leopard Claw
With this method you use a fist half opened. You strike with the ridge of your hand by moving your fingers into the palm of your hand. This way the palm can be sued for the main strike or a separate strike, this is a very fast technique and if done with the correct power and flow it is potentially lethal.
Crane Beak
With this technique you need to press your fingers together tightly forming a striking surface at the base of your fingertips. With enough years of practice your fingers can be conditioned in such as way that they extremely strong. When this technique is used with full force it is designed to attack vital parts of the body with lightening fast speed. If you have seen Kill Bill then you will know what I mean.
The Snake Head
The snake head is designed to mimic the onslaught of a snake in combat. You use an open hand, whilst holding the fingers tightly together, fully extended out. The tips of your fingers will then form a hard surface which is used to attack areas of the opponents’ body such as pressure points and the groin. For its full effect to be used you need to use both hands.
The Kung Fu fist forms are not to be taken lightly; they are only taught to experienced students due to the danger involved. They are highly effective and dangerous which can result in serious injury, if you think this may be a bit of an extreme art then it may be prudent to check out other martial arts styles.

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