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UFC 197: Cormier vs Jones 2

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So you want to become a ninja?
Excellent choice.
The benefits of learning to become a ninja are endless. It’s much more than learning a martial arts style. It’s a lifestyle. And it’s damn cool.
There are 3 ways you can learn how to become a ninja (with emphasis on modern day ninja lifestyle training).
1. Ninja Camps. Believe it or not there are ninja camps in existence. There locations are not disclosed and you usually need to be accepted to attend, but information on their specifics can be found on the internet. These are excellent choices for learning both ninja training and modern day ninja lifestyle. The hands on immersion approach is hard to beat. Some camps have very flexible schedules and time frames in which you can attend. For instance there’s everything from weekend courses to 3 month long courses. Either way you will live at the camp for the duration of training.
2. Ninjitsu classes. These can be taken in a group/class atmosphere or one on one private training. These are not always the easiest to find, but be sure to check out local dojo’s, as sometimes outside instructors will be brought in to teach speciality disciplines. You can also post on a bulletin board requesting to learn privately. The only downfall with classes is the focus is often heavy on tradition and the more modern day ninja lifestyle aspects are not as heavily focused on.
3. Ninja At-Home Study. This is definitely an option and an excellent one to start out with. Today with the internet we have the luxury of learning and training skills on our own. Since ninja training can be hard to find and camps or classes may be too expensive or inconvenient, learning from an online e-book or online classes can be a very effective way to pursue your training. The big advantage with online books and courses is that there is emphasis on the modern day ninja lifestyle. That is, they teach how you can become a legitimate modern day ninja, and you can learn this right from your own home.

best mma documentaries on netflix