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UFC 196 promo ☆ Dos Anjos vs McGregor ☆ Come to Daddy ᴴᴰ

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best mma conditioning certification

Martial arts is becoming a bigger and more profitable industry extremely rapidly, especially with the growth of the UFC and sprouting up of many mixed martial art training centers. However at the same time the tighter economy means the great opportunities for instructors are tough to get. Smaller schools offering only one style will face more and more challenges and find it harder to keep students and stay profitable. So if you want to survive in the martial arts business as an instructor you will likely have to face a lot of competition to get a great position.
It used to be more common that instructors were only bred from within a school, but with the new breeds of training facilities and combination of mixed arts, things are changing. If you have been an instructor for any length of time you know there is much more to being valuable to a school than just your martial arts knowledge and fighting ability. So to even get noticed to get a returned phone call by any potential employers you are going to need a resume that truly stands out from the crowd.
Your resume should include the following:

Your most recent contact info including email, phone and any other means for easy response.
A cover letter tailored specifically for the school you are applying at. You wouldn’t fight sloppy, so make the right impression.
Your most recent employment. Again, make the effort.
Look up the school you are applying at, learn everything you can about it and the owners and managers so that you can wow them with your research. This is easy via the Internet, their website and even Facebook.
Make sure your resume pops out from the pile and grabs attention. The easiest way to do this is using color and pictures across the top of your resume.
Include details of any other experience you have had including sales skills and hobbies.
If emailing out your resume consider making a video resume (but you must include a printable one as well). A video resume can be as simple as you talking, but even better if you can add in clips of yourself winning tournaments, performing tough moves or performing great breaking techniques.
Whatever you do, remember to FOLLOW UP! Don’t take no for an answer. Some employers will purposely not reply to see who really wants the job the most.

best mma conditioning certification