MMA Life UFC 196 Press Conference: McGregor vs Diaz (Big Trash talk Highlights) – YouTube Video Update

UFC 196 Press Conference: McGregor vs Diaz (Big Trash talk Highlights)

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Fight training is not just about honing your skills in BJJ, Muay Thai, boxing and wrestling, when preparing for a fight. These alone may make you a force to be reckoned with, however without the right conditioning and endurance you may find yourself gassed during the fight – a situation no MMA fighter wants to be in. Your MMA workout needs to target your stamina and strength as well as technique.
MMA conditioning training must be a comprehensive and well-rounded programme targeting your aerobic and anaerobic capacity, your strength, power, and muscular endurance. Without ensuring your body can cope with the conditions of the fight, it does not matter how skilled you are at martial arts.
Good exercises to have in your workout are running, sprinting, weight lifting, swimming, cycling, heavy sparring and circuits. In your circuits do not just concentrate on sit ups and press ups, add burpees, squats, skipping, jabs and crosses, and planks. Keep it varied as this will only help increase your endurance.
Start small as you need to build your stamina and endurance up gradually – going from sitting on the sofa to jogging 15 miles straight away will not help you condition your body. To build up your strength and endurance it is about staying at your optimum work out levels, increase what you do steadily so your body is always being pushed and building endurance. Do not increase the intensity too quickly, as you could damage your muscles.
Weight training techniques can also be used to build up strength and to increase muscular stamina and endurance. If you are using weights don’t just pick up the heaviest weight, for one that only helps build on strength. But when you are finding that using a certain weight is no longer tiring and is easy then you need to increase the weight. If you are using weights for stamina, it is not about how heavy they are – it is about the reps and the technique.
How to know which areas to work on? The best way to start training is to concentrate on your weaknesses, while not neglecting your strengths. Do you gass out quickly? Do you get stitches easily? Are you not exceptionally strong? Once you have targeted the areas that you are weaker in, it will become the foundation of your training.
Remember, even if it is boxing, MMA training or you are just trying to get to your perfect body, conditioning has to be gradual. You need to constantly build your workout up, so that you keep in your optimum workout level and carry on pushing your body. Not increasing the workout means that you will stop seeing results as your body will get used to the exercise; mix up your gym training program keep it varied. Have a look at some MMA training videos for tips. Good luck!

best mma cutting diet