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Although they are a little similar, martial arts moves are actually not the same as those used for self-defence. Many martial art moves involve the use of complicated and often impressive looking stunts that need lots of practice to be perfected. However, you cannot always use these moves in dangerous situations like when a drunk tries to confront you.
Even professional martial artists do not promote the use of the complicated moves that are seen in the movies. They do not help in defending yourself – they might even do more harm than good. By the time that you have landed a supposed attack on the opponent, he has already steered away from it and started a counter-attack.
When faced with dangerous situations, it is best that you use a move that would work on that given situation. In order to do self-defence right, you might consider getting lessons from experts so that you know how to face situations calmly and then think of a right move to land on the bad guys. Simple self-defence moves are often more recommended than the acrobatic stunts and they may even help in delivering more force to that other person. When you get to incapacitate them, even just for a few seconds or minutes, you give yourself a chance to run away or call the authorities and request for backup.
You do not have to be a martial artist to be able to defend yourself. Learning basic self-defence moves can surely help you stay away from trouble and keep yourself from getting in harm’s way.

best mma documentaries 2015