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UFC 196: Post-fight Press Conference

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Also called a mule, donkey or horse kick, the back kick can be one of the most powerful kicks in the martial arts. This is mainly due to the fact that it uses some of the strongest and largest muscles in the human body. Many martial artists would argue that the back kick is the most powerful kick in the martial arts – especially when delivered as a spinning back kick.
In street combat, the back kick is a realistic option as you are kicking (most of the time) below the face and most often – below the waist.
The back kick is also similar to the Side Kick, but differs mainly because your target is behind you.
Since it is a challenge to strike behind you with your arms and the fact that your legs are longer, you can use a back kick to keep an opponent at a safe distance. The kick can also be used as a last second attack to surprise an opponent when they are within range of your kick.
Since the back kick is relatively easy to learn, it becomes one of the basic kicks (along with the low sweep kick) to teach beginners and those first learning the martial arts. Students will need to practice timing and eye-foot coordination as with other attacks of the leg and arm.
For the most part – you are kicking the same way a horse or mule would kick. We break it down with a coil, extension and recoil (often omitted in the back kick) but the general motion is simply to thrust your leg back and kick out with the heel.
Striking surface
Heel of foot
Striking areas
Knee, ribs, plexus, groin
– First bring your leg up into coil position (optional with the back kick)
– Now turn your head to look behind you (or use peripheral vision)
– Thrust the leg back (toes pointed down) and target with the heel
– Return the leg to starting position on the ground or into a recoil position
– Keeping an opponent at a safe distance or pushing targets away
– Great for kicking knees and boney areas like the ribs
– A great way to Jam an Attack
– Good kick when facing away from an opponent or multiple opponents
– Make use of the powerful muscles in your leg
Be sure that your leg an attack come in at a direct attack (linear) and not from the side like a round kick (circular). You want to focus on using the back of the leg muscles to get as much power as possible.

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