MMA Life UFC 196 Free Fight: Holly Holm vs Ronda Rousey – YouTube Video Update

UFC 196 Free Fight: Holly Holm vs Ronda Rousey – YouTube

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We all want to have the hardest punch it is possible to have. We want to know that, in the event of muggery, thuggery or downright nasty behaviour, we can get the job done. What we don’t want is to be on the receiving end of a world class face smacker.

The fellow who delivered this dastardly strike to me, it was actually a side kick, was my friend and fellow karate classmate. His name was Gary, and we were freestyling, and I threw a kick, he parried, and he gave my ribs such a side kick! It was a powerful, classic kick, and I could feel my ribs bending inward, and it was the hardest strike I had ever experienced in the martial arts.

Truth, even now, so long afterwards, I have no idea why my ribs didn’t break. I couldn’t talk, could hardly breath, and I should have stopped and taken a rest, told Gary to kick with less force, seen to my protection. Being young, dumb, and full , stuff, I continued.

Cleverly, I turned to the other side and kept fighting. I kept my distance, moved sideways around Gary, used good strategy, and after a minute I could breath. Then I did something that probably wasn’t a very smart idea, I attacked.

I thought I was recovered enough, and I threw a side kick. Gary scooped the side kick and threw his own side kick. He was shorter than me, and his kick came up, hit me in the groin, lifted me off the ground.

Over three decades later I happened to be at the doctors for a routine checkup, and the doc noticed that one of my testicles was shrunk. Even as the doctor made his observation, I knew exactly what he was talking about. That second kick that Gary hit me with was the hardest strike I have ever experienced in this lifetime, it should have broken my ribs, but it didn’t hit my ribs, instead, it just flattened my peaches.

At the time, I just continued to freestyle, survival mode got me through, but, eventually, I was to have my revenge for his out of control ways. He left the school, actually went to another school and taught, and then, six months later, he came back. I had not left, I had continued learning, and I had accomplished something I call Coordinated Body Motion, CBM.

All parts of the body move as one unit, and it is slow at first, but once one gets it, it is not just fast, it breeds intuitive responses. Freestyling with Gary at this later time I began kicking him, and kicking him, and kicking him, and because he didn’t have CBM, didn’t have intuitive responses, he couldn’t block my kicks. I kicked his ribs until they bent, but I didn’t go beyond, he was, after all, my friend, and though friends make mistakes, they should always watch out for each other.

UFC 196 Free Fight: Holly Holm vs Ronda Rousey – YouTube