MMA Life UFC 196 Free Fight: Fabricio Werdum vs Cain Velasquez – YouTube Video Update

UFC 196 Free Fight: Fabricio Werdum vs Cain Velasquez

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Martial arts are not about fighting and being the tough guy. Most people seek out martial arts to improve their lives and not to go around beating people up. Their are so many benefits of martial arts and you will develop the confidence and skill to defend yourself if you have to and you won’t need to act like a tough guy.
the benefits of martial arts training, the first thing that you would notice is that you have become yourself. We run through our everyday lives being a student or a professional, a husband and perhaps also a father and then a slave to our desire. Training suddenly takes off our blinkers and puts us right there where we do not have anything else but the art. If you enroll into martial arts training then you would realize the essence and calmness that you would feel while you are in the arena and when you are back to life.
Some most notable benefits of martial arts training are better mental health, confidence in yourself, peace in your hectic life, enhanced discipline and a sense of satisfaction. You will notice that you are not as stressed out and the little things just don’t bother you anymore. This new sense of calm and focus is a nice change.
Confidence in yourself as a benefit of training is not born out of the fact that you know a trick or two to bail yourself out of a trouble but it is born out of the fact that you are fitter, your body is more flexible than ever before and you suddenly seem to be in control. We all live undisciplined lives, let us face it. Martial arts training suddenly brings about a change in that attitude and you tend to become disciplined without being scolded by a pampering mother, the scary teacher or the unfriendly boss.
apart from contributing to your physical health and fitness, martial arts training brings together like minded people with a common goal and a common interest for an art. This environment enriches your understanding of the world and in shorter sense, the society you live in. You start to bond with people because of the art and for the sake of the art. There are no pretensions, inhibitions or any form of diplomacy there. As an added benefit of training you get back home with a much better frame of mind and have more focus.

best mma core workouts