MMA Life UFC 196: Fabricio Werdum Media Lunch Scrum Video Update

UFC 196: Fabricio Werdum Media Lunch Scrum Video Update

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St. Lucians represent country at Spartan Caribbean Fighting Championship | St. Lucia News Online
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Are you ready to elevate your self-defense teachings to the next level? If so, you will really enjoy these street karate tips. Even if you’ve been taking martial arts lessons for years, you may wish to learn more street-specific moves that will help keep you alive in a real assault. This article will point out some key elements you need to know.
Learn street taekwondo training #1 – Never let your guard down. Be alert to everything and everyone around you… ALL THE TIME! When a hunch gets you a little on edge, DON’T ignore it! Even if there’s nothing to it, you will still most likely benefit from getting out of the situation you are in. If you notice a bad looking person looking you up and down it probably means he intends to do you harm. Don’t stick around to see what they want, just leave. Pay attention to your intuition. Whenever possible, don’t put yourself into hazardous conditions in the first place. Avoidance and careful planning is probably the greatest way to keep yourself from having to defend yourself from an attacker.
Learn street taekwondo training #2 – Don’t give your assailant the first punch, or allow him to get a hold of you. Be the first to attack at all times! By striking first, you can completely mess up this dirt-bag’s entire plan of attack, leaving him confused as to what his next move should be. Start with a something like a punch to the throat, or an eye gouge, and follow up with a boot to the shin. Remember that this is for REAL! Don’t hold back on any of your punches and remember to not let up! When you have begun your attack continue with choking, kicks, punches, knees, elbows even bites – doing anything that works to keep this knucklehead guessing. Having some type of personal defense weapon (such as pepper spray or expandable baton) is also highly recommended. Any extra advantage, added to the advantage of surprise, will dramatically increase your chances to be the one standing in the end.
Learn street taekwondo training #3 – Once you’ve landed a few blows, DON’T STOP! No matter how tough you may be, it’s not very likely that you’re going to incapacitate an attacker with a single “knockout” punch. Keep up your offensive, relentlessly and ferociously. Remember to target the weaker areas – eyes, nose, throat, shins, knees, etc. Bombard this guy with the most powerful punches, strikes, and kicks you can physically muster up. He will have no pity on you, and will show you no mercy whatsoever. If given the chance to get his second wind, he will certainly cause you serious harm. So don’t let him! Realistically, there’s still a pretty good chance that you ARE going to be struck yourself. That’s okay! The pain is simply reminding you of your own survival. If you continue to battle this loser with all you’ve got, your pain will seem insignificant to the deserved beating that you’re unleashing on him!
So, apply these self-defense principles to your existing martial arts style and increase your street fighting abilities tremendously!

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