MMA Life UFC 196 Embedded: Vlog Series – Episode 3 – YouTube Video Update

UFC 196 Embedded: Vlog Series – Episode 3

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best mma for self defense

You have countless techniques used for submitting opponents in both the MMA and the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu martial arts. You will have many grapplings and striking techniques to submit your opponent. Some of the techniques are not allowed in all martial arts. However, if you are practicing the Mixed Martial Arts or the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, then you have a wide selection of techniques available for use at your guise. Mastering most of these techniques will enable you to stay abreast your opponent and be able to outsmart him or her. Among others are the ankle choke, the kimura lock, the rear naked choke, the open guard and the collar choke. You also have techniques on escapes from the dominating skills your opponent may display.
The clock choke is one of the commonly used technique in the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu as well as the Mixed Martial Arts. In the clock choke, you make sure your opponent is on his knees. Focus your weight on his or her back, around the center area, making sure s/he does not roll away. Strive to open the lapel on his or her side making sure you pass your arm beneath his or her armpit. Grip the collar hard, sending your hand across his or her neck. Using the arm under the armpit, grab the other side of the collar. Exert your weight on his or her shoulders so his or her head goes down. Pull your legs forward. While you pull your legs forward, also pull hard on the collars to apply the choke.
Before applying this technique, you should be able to determine that you are in the ideal position. This is important because your opponent may possess the reverse tactics that may make the situation turn against you. It is also important to keep so close to the opponent when you apply this technique so s/he does not get the chance to escape or to strike you.
If you want to master the BJJ techniques, there are lots of books about grappling arts and fighting techniques that can be of great help. Some of these are written by masters who have studied and practiced the techniques in various occasions. You may take time to go through all the techniques. The more techniques you master, the greater chance you have of defeating any opponent or wading off their tactics.
It is also important to learn the escape techniques that are used to wade off an attack. This could be more important sometimes than the attacking techniques. Some of these techniques should be use with a lot of caution while in training sessions. Most of the chokes are used to stop the flow of blood into the brain which may momentarily make the opponent black out. Sometimes, if you are on training and your partner tries to escape in a dangerous way from some of these techniques, it is best to let go than to endanger their lives.

best mma for self defense