MMA Life UFC 196: Dos Anjos vs. McGregor Promo – YouTube Video Update

UFC 196: Dos Anjos vs. McGregor Promo

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With Olympic Karate Inclusion Sport Legalized Across Canada | Combat Sports Law
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Martial Boxing is about self-defense and drilling in methods of punching and hitting that are pretty straightforward. There are a lot of different martial arts styles that are great to learn, but unless you are a really well-trained fighter in one of these, it’s unlikely you’ll remember the more complicated techniques in an emergency situation.
Many people suggest that this is the better art for self defense for this reason – as the training concentrates on basic moves rather than move complicated ones, and a solid grounding in basic self defense boxing, well-drilled in so that it’s automatic is most often what will serve you best.
Just think about this – if you’re in a position where you need to fight to defend yourself or others, are you really interested in grappling with them, or fighting a round with someone larger than you? Probably not. What you want to do is disable them enough to let you get away, or prevent them from hurting you. So being able to throw the punches that will do this fast is what you need: how to target weak spots like the throat, how to explode into action when you need to: all these survival boxing techniques.
Martial Boxing and the Boxing Martial Arts
As the name suggests, Martial Boxing is boxing that incorporates additional moves and techniques from the martial arts. The Boxing Martial Arts include Martial Boxing, as well as Kickboxing, Muay Thai ( Thai Boxing ) and other disciplines that incorporate boxing into Martial Arts training. But as mentioned, Martial Boxing isn’t concerned with adding powerful kicks as in Kickboxing, grappling or throwing moves etc. It’s focus is simple survival/combat fighting.
Fighting in a ring with rules isn’t usually regarded as combat. Combat is where the opponent will use anything and everything at his disposal to get you. Martial boxing is sometimes referred to or associated with Combat Boxing, as while it’s fist striking that’s concentrated on, the other martial arts elements that are added to the style provide a lot more ability to defend yourself in a situation where there are no rules.
The first version of Martial Boxing was a martial art that embraces all forms of fighting arts from a self-defense viewpoint. As you wouldn’t really be able to master all of them ( a “jack of-all-arts kind of thing ) it seems to have refined itself as described earlier.
Another earlier version was aimed at ending a fight within 10 seconds in the fastest and most deadly way. That’s probably more SAS material, and most martial arts have these techniques to end things in a nasty way but I prefer not to focus on them. If you can defend yourself and others and stay safe, that’s the main thing you want.

best diet to cut weight for mma