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UFC 196: Conor McGregor Backstage Interview

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Have you noticed that often the most valuable advice is the hardest to accept? This is especially true in martial-arts acquisition. Are you getting in the way of your own martial-arts learning? Is this common internet attitude your problem?
Free Martial Arts Secrets
There are many internet surfers who believe that all information on the internet should be free. Some of these information-for-all promoters are martial artists.
Note: I approve of free information, as well. I own and write for several information web sites. While I like free articles and pdfs as much as the next person, I understand that NOT ALL martial arts should be that easily accessible.
Be logical — do you really believe that the “real secrets” of martial arts are being published in free articles on the internet? Be honest with yourself.
It’s just not logical.
Let’s take my writing as an example: I write free articles, free reports, and free ebooklets on martial arts. I try to put good, useful information into each. But the amount of secrets of martial arts that you’ll find in each is, well, limited.
Still, you’ll find useful, but not complete, information.
The next level are the paid ebooks and books that I write. Of course, I put a lot more into each of those, for several reasons:
Customers who pay expect more than they’d get from a freebie ebooklet.
It limits the amount of eyes that will see these more private techniques. (I can take a book or eBook out of print any time I want.)
Paying acts as a filter. Only the more serious martial artists, those willing to pay, get to see the “great stuff.”
It’s easier to take legal action against the class of freebie seeker who doesn’t respect intellectual property.
Psychologically, customers value information that costs money more than what they can find for free. Don’t ask me why, but it’s true.
Good Martial-Arts Information, But …
Don’t get me wrong; not all free martial arts information on the internet is garbage. Quite the contrary. You’ll find useful basics, with limitations.
After all, I try to write practical, free information. It convinces a lot of people to buy my paid information. This, in turn, puts a few pennies in my pocket, which allows me the time to write more free and paid martial-arts how-to ebooks and articles.
This makes sense, doesn’t it?
The free information on the internet is good information, but it really does have limitations:
It’s often basic.
Much of it is not complete enough to be of practical use.
Since a lot of writers aren’t that creative, they paraphrase what they read other places. The information becomes widespread and old hat. (The “same old, same old” is a pet peeve of mine.)
Blocking Your Own Martial-Arts Success
Now, let’s get back to the real point of this article: your attitude toward paying for martial-arts information on the net.
I am not suggesting that you go out there and buy every martial-arts eBook and course that you see. Far from it — there is a lot of worthless junk for sale out there.
Note: In fact, never buy any martial-arts book or eBook on the net, if it doesn’t come with a money-back guarantee. This is of paramount importance. Really. Don’t get scammed.
On the other hand, if you never spend money on your martial-arts learning, then:
you are saying a lot about whether you value yourself enough to spend a little on your safety and improvement.
you could be blocking yourself with your “free only” attitude.
you should know that there are others who “are” finding out the secrets that you are unwilling to learn.

Do what it takes to improve in the martial arts. Break down your own barriers.

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