MMA Life UFC 195 preview show Video Update

UFC 195 preview show Video Update

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best mma cardio workout

Running is a very good self defense strategy. It’s about avoidance. As I learned in TaeKwonDo, the “best punch is no punch.” Martial Arts are frequently mentioned when discussing self defense. There is thousands of years of history regarding this beautiful and ancient art form.
And there is tremendous wisdom that can be learned from its teachings.A? A Chinese Proverb proclaims;
“Of all the thirty-six alternatives, running away is best.”
If you can avoid a confrontation, that is preferred to trying out your new self defense moves.A? You’ll achieve 100% success by avoiding a conflict, however, once engaged in a confrontation, your chance of success drops.
When to Run Like The Wind
It’s important you know “When To Run Like the Wind” and call police.
If confronted, break contact from the person as quickly as possible and run to a well-lit, populated area.Distance is your friend.A? Move fast to create as much distance as possible – use natural barriers like cars, benches and trees.
Mind your manners if confronted.
Don’t insult or inflame, but be firm, direct and be gone!
As soon as possible, call your primary emergency number on your phone (9-1-1 in the US) and report the perpetrator – you don’t want him victimizing another person, or approaching you again.
If online: Defend yourself and break contact when confronted with inappropriate behavior. “Block” the person from contacting you again and NEVER give them personal contact information.
Actions for most situations:

Do your best to remember any identifiable information so you can share it with the authorities. Such information as height, age, hair color, skin color, did they say anything, clothes they were wearing, shoes. etc, can all be helpful.
The quicker you can report identifiable information to police, the greater likelihood they can apprehend the individual.
If confronted online, do your best to record URL, their USERID, date, time, print any logs or screen capture the dialog.
Among all other indicators, trust yourself and your intuition. If you get a ‘bad vibe’ or just feel something’s not right, get out of there.
If assaulted and it’s appropriate, defend yourself, ‘hit ’em hard’ and break contact. Then run – run like the wind to a safe location and call the authorities.

best mma cardio workout